5 Things I like about being a software engineer

Let's be real their are countless amazing facts about being a software engineer but the top five that personally love are the following:

  1. The Scop and Comunatiy

We and now the tech community is huge and it keeps growing. nowadays almost anywhere a software developer can get a job with handsome pay. and there are ZERO chances that this stopping anytime soon.

2. The Learning Never Stops

likewise, the community learning part is also groing you can new and better technology taking over every day so demand for these skills is constantly increasing in the market so its a good thing? you don't have to think about someone taking your seat in the name of “Experience” because something just came on the market last year you don't have to have Experienced in it you just have to be good.

3. It's like a Super Power

okay, I respect all work fields out there but having the knowledge of programming and understanding it you might be the only one in the room who cloud do that and it feels special I mean it actually does believe me.

4.Not everyone can be a programmer

I have seen like 30 different people throughout my life failing getting frustrated just because they came into the field for money or because of there parents told them to do so and it does not work like that you have to be really passionate about it to achieve your place in the filed.

5.Flexibly of the workplace

like we have seen in COVID days programing was one of the easiest jobs to do from home. People including me even being on vacation still working and submitting projects to my company and clients.

and we can keep going on and on but you will find all that you want in anything you want to do for your heart and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.